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Games - Gifts' Grid

This game is set from the file /mods/jeux/grille/grilleConfig.php

1- Put the title of your game on the line:

$grilleTitle = _t("Grille à Cadeaux");

2- Put how much costs each game to the line:

$coutGrille = array('cost' => 500, 'typecost' => 'points'); //every click on the grid costs 500 pts

3- Indicate whether the grid restarts automatically as soon as it is finished:

$restartAuto = 1;//1 for YES, 0 for NO

4- Adjust the grid gains:

//For comma numbers, put one . Example: 0.01 and not 0,01
$gainsGrille = array(
    //LOT =>//NB
    //array(winning: points OR money, number of cases), IF you edit this array, it doesn't affect the current game. It will be used only for the next game.
    array(0.01, 'money', 10),
    array(0.02, 'money', 5),
    array(50, 'points', 400),
    array(100, 'points', 300),
    array(200, 'points', 200),
    array(300, 'points', 96),
    array(500, 'points', 61),
    array(1000, 'points', 40),
    array(5000, 'points', 10),
    array(10000, 'points', 1),

5- Do you have a jackpot? It will be sent as soon as the grid is finished, to one of the players drawn

//$jackpot = false; // no Jackpot
//$jackpot = array(50000, 'points');// Jackpot is 50000 points
$jackpot = array(0.5, 'money');// Jackpot is 0.50

6- Put 2 images: 1 for a free space, 1 for a space occupied

$imgOK = array('src'=>'/mods/jeux/grille/img1.png','width'=>30, 'height'=>30);
$imgKO = array('src'=>'/mods/jeux/grille/img2.png','width'=>30, 'height'=>30);

7- Number of cases per line:

$grilleNbPerLine = 20;//number of images per lines

8- Optimization: deactivate the line (with // front) - line 219 (approximately):

//createTheGrid();//you should always desactivate this line after the first use of this module !

Activate this line, just the first time, to start the game.
Afterwards, it is useless, and it must be turned off, to save resources.

Now, the Grid with Gifts is ready!
As soon as the grid is finished, you will receive an e-mail.
If there is a Jackpot, the winner also receives an e-mail, and copies it to you.

If you put a non-automatic Jackpot (points or money), you will receive an email, to warn you to send the jackpot to the winner.

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